Chris Watters
Whilst the principal focus of our work is assisting people to come to South Africa, Chris Watters Attorneys does also assist with emigration related matters.

It must be said that there is no “Home Affairs”-linked requirement in order for a person to emigrate from South Africa. The only requirement in this regard is in fact a SARS requirement that persons obtain a final tax clearance before they can transfer blocked funds.

However we must stress that just as immigration law in SA is a complex area of law, so it is in every other country whether it be the United States, Uruguay or Uzbekistan. And given also the number of countries in the world, it is not possible to offer emigrating clients anything like the service we offer people coming to SA.

However Chris Watters Attorneys is a member of the Association of Business Immigration Lawyers – the only South African law firm that is a member. This is an organization representing immigration lawyers in many countries – and certainly in all of the principal destinations. As such we can assist our client by linking them up to reputable law firms practising immigration law in those countries and then assisting clients from this end, to the extent this is needed.