Chris Watters
Chris Watters Attorneys offers its clients a range of immigration-related services around the broad issue of foreign nationals who wish to live, retire, transfer to or otherwise work in South Africa.

The main service we offer our clients is that of assisting persons and families or their employers to identify the correct permit/s to be applied for, identifying the relevant requirements and then assisting with the assembly of such application, submitting same (or assisting with its submission) and obtaining the outcome, again where this is permissible.

This will include assisting companies that are not yet operating in South Africa to comply with South Africa’s immigration legislation.

We also assist our clients with all immigration-related inquiries they or their employees might have whilst they are in South Africa which can include changing or extending their permits.

We also assist clients with applications for permanent residence, where this is appropriate.

As we practise exclusively in immigration law, we do not offer advice on related matters such as company registrations, accounting, tax, relocation and customs inquiries. However we are able to offer our clients recommendations to reputable firms in these fields that will be able to assist you with these matters.

Sadly it can also happen that people run foul of the Department of Home Affairs for one or other reason and they find themselves accused of having false papers, of not having any permit at all, of being ordered to leave South Africa or of being under threat of this happening. We also assist our clients with these enforcement-related instructions.